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New entrants to the online space often get confused between a web host and a domain name. The truth of the matter is that these two components make up a website so that without either of them, we cannot have an online business. Understanding these two components is among the first steps of understanding what a website is and how it functions. This article will take you through explanation in detail of what is a domain, as well as the Domain Name System and how it functions. After that, we shall proceed to look at web hosting..

Domain what is it?

When we talk about a Domain name, we mean a web address that can be used to locate a certain website. The address makes it possible for internet users to arrive at our sites. Hence a domain name is a name that describes a particular IP address. Subdomains are the domains that are created inside an individual domain. Though you pay to create a domain, creating a subdomain is free because it is built within your domain hence you can create several subdomains without paying. Did you also know that you can customize your domain name? If you want to know how to do it, we recommend you to click on https://tech.co/news/domain-name-generators-create-brand-2018-02

The difference between a domain name and an IP address

While a domain means your web address that identifies your website, an IP address (Internet Protocol address) refers to a numerical label that’s assigned to every computer. It refers to a unique string of numbers that are separated by a full stop. Such numbers are vital as they help computers to communicate over a protocol.

Importance of an IP address

An IP address is a unique identifier that enables computers to communicate with each other in a given network. An IP address is globally unique so that it can be used to trace an individual internet user. Hence without an IP address, it would be impossible for information to move about.

Domain Name Systems (DNS)

DNS is the way of locating Domain names and translating them into IPs. The DNS is important as it maps the names that we use to locate a computer to an IP address that an individual computer uses to locate a website. Thus when we browse online, we rely on the DNS to provide information necessary to connect us to hosts. To simplify your understanding, we could liken a Domain Name System to a directory service while the domain is the address of your home.

Domain Name extensions

Different types of Domain extensions exist ranging from .com, .org, .edu, .net, and many others. There are also domain names extensions that are unique to individual countries. Such domain names are an important consideration if you want your website to tank in a specific country. However, if you’re looking at registering the ccTLDs, you have to register the domain with a domain registrar in the country that you are targeting. For instance, if you are looking to register a .ca, you’ll need to register your domain with a domain registrar in Canada.

Webhosting what is it?

Web hosting refers to the physical location of your website. It is a type of internet hosting service that allows you to make your site accessible through the World Wide Web. Thus, even if you buy a domain name, you require a hosting service to make your website available over the internet.

How to choose a web host for your website?

  1. You should identify what kind of hosting you need
  2. Choose the right hosting service for your unique situation
  3. Get the right amount of bandwidth for your website
  4. Considers speed, uptime, and support
  5. Ensure the pricing is within your means to avoid downtimes due to non-timely renewals


As you can see a domain name and web hosting are different components of a website. It is also true that you require both components to achieve a fully functional site.